Watchlist hasn’t been updated regularly for awhile, but that hopefully will change soon.

Hello everybody! Going forward, the watchlist will be updated every Sunday. Hope to see you then

Adding OTLK to the watchlist.  Kind of risky because it has that big downside potential; just kind of  hanging there, but they said price target $12, and the buying was aggressive.  Not many shares available either.  A lot of buzz too, so people will remember if it takes off again.

Adding NIO to watchlist, June.13th, 11:42am.  Looking for a short term swing opportunity

June.12, 9am placing TVIX on watchlist, not for the faint of heart

June.10th. Watching SPLK. It’s a sympathy mover coming off this Tableau merger. If it hits $126.00, it looks like it will be a good short . Could be a nice follow through play tomorrow for a potential day trade. Not too keen on holding over night today, but it would probably work. Just watching out for that mark, not a be all end all

The trend has always been volatile, with sharp price reversals

We reported that it looked like a nice short the uptick play back on May.24th. Here is the news event that catalyzed the sell off

DMPI, purely technical, June.06

**EDIT** taking this off watchlist, don’t like the way it reacted today, June.10th 10:26am

DFFN +DD, June.03rd

EOLS putting on watchlist. Refer to screenshots below

courtesy tradingview

EDIT, June.05th. Worked out nice. Chart below is the aftermath. That’s our trade play. That’s our favourite set up