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Welcome! You ready for this? Brace yourself. You’ve just entered one the best stock picks pages on the entire internet. (seriously)

When you look at the pick below, it almost looks too good to be true. Even we were surprised. PXS went up 138% and was alerted the day before it went parabolic! You can check yourself!


No comment needed for this one. We picked bitcoin right at the bottom! Hard to believe? Check the page! It’s all there! All picks are time stamped in our discord room, and on facebook!!  Click here to see the pick



Another great pick, AEZS, went from $2.75 to $4.00 in 2 weeks. During the hold period following the pick, it remained green the entire time, never going below the price of the initial alert.

Still not convinced yet? Watch this. This was just ridiculous, INPX went up 100% a few days later.  Click here to see the pick!


The pick below was alerted in our trading room way before anybody was talking about it. It was unreal, and what made it more incredible was that INPX, the pick we mentioned earlier, broke out on the exact same day. So in essence, we picked not 1….but 2, 100%+gainers…………………one……………day…………..YES. Go check! It’s all there! We feel we have to keep reiterating that because it seems so hard to believe, but many people saw with their own eyes, and all the picks are time stamped!!  Just click here to see for yourself!!  




Ready for more? Take a look at this pick. ACB had just CRASHED. What made it special was the fake out we dodged a few days prior!! It went up 38%! In only 1 week!  Click here to see yourself!



This was one of the first picks posted in the trading room. Worked out nicely, should have held though. We covered the next day  Proof 


This pick took everybody by surprise! At the time, the market was in freefall! But while everybody was scrambling thinking the sky was falling, we put out NBEV right before the market closed! It went from $4.70 to $6.50, again, only a few days later  See the pick for yourself!



It was Christmas, we were already in TLRY for the short, but we recommended ROKU anyways because it looked way oversold. It went up 15% the very next day, and soon went on to dominate the NASDAQ, becoming one of the hottest stocks on the market!! They announced significant growth in streaming hours, which was huge. At the time, there was still tremendous uncertainty surrounding ROKU’s popularity, so when they reported those numbers, it hushed all the naysayers who were dismissing ROKU as a fad that couldn’t stand up to the big players in the streaming space.  


This was not that great. Great percentage gains, but the borrow rates were ridiculous


And last but not least, EOLS. It went up 20% the very next day, and dipped in the morning exactly as we had predicted! We did say hold long term though, which was a mistake, but that’s always open to interpretation. In the end, its up to you. If we put you in a position where you’re up 30% on large size, we have definitely done our job.

Do you want more of this?!

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I know, you’re pensive, on the fences, it looks too good to be true, what if something goes wrong you might be thinking, or maybe you have never traded before. It’s okay. To make you feel better about signing up, we will let you join FOR FREE so you can watch us pick these stocks live. We don’t expect you to just pay for something like this without actually seeing it for yourself.

Everybody can make grand claims like we just did, and for all you know, this could have been photo shopped or something. We get it (its not photo shopped by the way). We will say this one last time though: This is not a scam, let us repeat, this is not a scam! We put our heart and soul into every single one of these picks, and although we can’t guarantee you will get exactly what we showed you, we can predict based upon our prior success that it is likely you will.

We are very careful with what we choose. Sometimes we might tell you to sell when you are down, and you might be pissed when the stock goes back up, but that’s the name of the game. You must keep those losses contained! Hope to see you around! Sign up link will be posted soon! Don’t miss out, putting out stock picks is one of the most stressful things in the world(you can imagine why), so we don’t even know how long we will be doing this! Take advantage while it lasts

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