Due Diligence

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The Poynter Institute: Facebook’s Fact-Checking Affiliate Visualized

Workhorse Visualized


BOQI, Formerly BIMI, Formerly NFEC, Appears To Buy Pharmacy From The Chairman, Who Is Also Their Largest Shareholder

SF.ET Lowering Float To Ridiculous Levels As Debt Holders Look To Cash Out

RKDA RDO/PIPE Quick Summary

RVLV Reports Net Loss, Gives All The Money They Raised In Their IPO To TSG, But Is It Still A Buy?

NBY Death Spiral Financing Summary.


Jeff Bezos Sells 1 Million Shares, Transfers 20 Million To His Wife

LIVONGO HEALTH, INC. Quick Breakdown

Workhorse(WKHS), Redacted Version.

 A Varied Plethora Of Selling Shareholders. Lock Up Ends Sept.26th


What Is Creative Accounting? We’ll Show You a Specific Example

Great $FRSX intraday Idea



DFRG, June.15th

NIO Light Due Diligence, June.13th 


Legacy Reserves(LGCY), What Happened?!!

DMPI Update, June.03

courtesy tradingview

GNCA Due Diligence

Old DPW Brain. Stock Is A POS, But It’s An Interesting Story


DMPI Due Diligence

Rewalk DD

Safe-T Group DD, May.28, 2019 (password protected)

“Analyst Buy Ratings” Why You Shouldn’t Trust Them….CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE!




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