Hi and welcome to interactiveswingtrading.com! 

I have chosen to make my personal notes completely open to the public, so I hope you can learn as much I have over the years trading and studying the stock market. Even if you were only to learn only one thing, it would be enough for me to feel that I have done my job. The library alone contains enough material to last you months, so take advantage, because it probably won’t be here forever.

Originally this page was started as partnership between me and a friend, hence why you’ll see the “we” in some of the earlier reports, but as of now it’s just a one man show, although articles are still published frequently. The only thing that was effected was the market movers section, which had to be discontinued.

If you ever have any questions, just leave a comment! They are completely open to anybody, and they are not moderated.

Yours Truly