Sacha Baron Cohen Demands Mark Zuckerberg Be Sent to Jail If He Doesn't Properly Censor People on Facebook (Even Though He Censors People on Facebook)

Mark Zuckerberg has been aggressively censoring people for years now, but you wouldn’t have been able to remind people of this fact because of course, the video doesn’t allow comments.

This man is allowed to profess in front of millions of people that the CEO of one of America’s largest corporations should be sent to jail for not properly censoring people (even though he already censors people), and we are not even allowed to voice our opinion about such dangerous and undemocratic rhetoric.

What makes this situation even more Orwellian is that people seem to be completely okay with this, but let’s get real here, this is probably because anyone with a differing opinion is deboosted or even outright blocked on social media.

Yet as we slide further into full fledged censorship, Wall Street pump and dumps are allowed to run completely unabated. Millions are literally stolen from innocent hard working people every single day, but in this Brave New World of social media censorship algorithms and shadowbanning, for those that are the victims of these frauds, it is beginning to look like they will have no recourse.

Everything that goes against the consensus narrative will either be deboosted or outright banned, and only the MSM will have access to a large audience, leaving the general public completely defenseless to their fraud, corrupt activity, and hypocrisy.

Image By Thespoondragon – Own work, File:Ingsoc_logo_from_1984.svg, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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