Journalists Are Now Getting Banned From Running Ads on Social Media.

Project Veritas, a team of investigative journalists with a long history of exposing corruption through the use of an old tactic known as “ambush journalism”, has been banned from running ads on Twitter.

Their list of accolades is so long that they were beginning to put the mainstream to shame. They were responsible for exposing the Russian hoax, and the first to expose shadowbanning, a tactic used by social media companies that blocks messages from going viral.

Their stories are very hard to dispute because most of the time it is just video surveillance of high ranking executives admitting to corrupt activity in a public place. They also post most of the footage on their website.

Project Veritas takes a significant degree of risk when they publish these stories, so for Twitter to just blanket ban these brave reporters from running ads on their platform not only suggests how little respect they have for the profession of journalism, but it also indicates how far as a society we have fallen. If tech companies can just ban journalists because they disagree with their reporting, how will people with differing opinions ever truly be able to express themselves in a meaningful way?  Learn more

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