There Is Now Only One Clearing Bank In The United States, and The Financial Community Is Eerily Silent

With only one bank on Wall Street left to clear repo trades, things could get very ugly very fast if the financial system were to experience anything close to what was seen during the collapse of Bear Stearns in 2008.

Now granted, before J.P Morgan stepped down there was only two clearing banks, but JPM isn’t just any bank; it accounts for 11% of total bank assets in the United States.

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“Wall Street’s Trillion-Dollar Monopoly Has Repo Traders on Edge”, Bloomberg

Could JPM’s exit from the repo market be a sign of some kind of deeper underlying issue with the company? Just recently reuters reported that they had reached their cash limit, and that this played a much larger role in the sudden spike in the overnight repo rate experienced last month than many market specialists would like to assume.

JPM holds an astounding 65% of total equity derivatives in the United States, and if the market were to encounter a sudden and prolonged decline similar to what was seen in the 4th quarter of last year, this could certainly cause some big problems for the mega-bank; but as of now, we can only speculate.

Below is a list of the repo market’s largest participants


To learn more about the repo market, watch this video

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