Sunday Watchlist, Aug.08

With BTC retesting $11 000 on Sunday, OSTK looks very bullish right now. If you are just entering for the first time, it’s best to hold back 1/2 just in case it goes lower. It has formed a clear uptrend, so this recent dip could be your opportunity to enter if you like it.

India Globalization Capital, Inc. could see some manipulation as insiders look to profit off their options. This company has broken the record for the most manipulated stock on the Nasdaq, which is quite the feat. The intraday price spikes would leave you in awe, or in shock, or broke, or even rich if you caught it at the right time, but be very careful with this one and know what you are getting into — not for the faint of heart. You should probably have some experience trading too. This is EXTREMELY high risk!

The reason why we like it is because marijuana stocks have seen increased fanfare from this recent Aphria earnings report, so whoever is manipulating the price might see an opportunity to spike it so they can attract buyers.

CBIO has seen some recent attention from investors. Several beneficial ownership reports were filed in July. We took screenshots of some of the notable highlights

It looks like a nice place to enter if you like the company. Those dips keep getting picked up, most likely by those investors.

Cloudera, Inc. saw some action recently after Carl Icahn filed a 13-D on Thursday night which reported that he bought a 12.62% stake in the company. This would be a tricky trade though. It’s likely that it might take awhile before you see any major movements in the price. Icahn probably intends to hold for a long time, but his name could attract other investors. Definitely something to keep an eye on though.

SNAP still looks like it could test $20.00

PYX looks nice at its current level, although the better entry was last week.

courtesy tradingview

List of 5% shareholders from the most recent proxy statement

On June 30, 2019, there were 9,124,612 shares of common stock outstanding, not including the 785,313 shares held by a wholly owned subsidiary

CHWY: David Einhorn recently compared the company valuation to Looks like a nice short.

13 billion market cap..500x gross profit..

TVIX is something to keep on the watchlist. Some of you might have noticed it was taken off the Reg SHO list after being there for several months. Also, fear is high after Trump threatened China with more tariffs.

Last but not least, CUR. This is only for highly experienced traders; extremely high risk

We put this out as a pick 2 weeks ago, and at first it was working out great, but we made a grave mistake in holding overnight. We were up 20% going into the close, but the price suddenly tanked back down to $5.00 right before the close. That 20% stop saved us, but we shouldn’t have re-entered.

It looks like a nice gamble right now as the selling looks to have dried up. Also, if you look at the Reg SHO list, you will notice that it was naked short sold, which isn’t surprising because there was only 1 million shares in circulation at the time.

In our humble opinion, it looks like the underwriters shorted the stock, then covered with this recent offering, but we can’t prove that. The timing just seems very convenient

You could see some short covering.

Thats all everyone! Good luck!

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