Alibaba Receives $1500 Twelve Month Price Target From CNN. Yes, You Read That Right.

We archived this several times going back to May.21st. As of August.16, 2019, it still hasn’t been changed. This says a lot about their journalistic integrity, especially considering no other financial news website seems to be having this problem.

Just imagine if Bloomberg, CNBC, Seekingalpha, or any of the other major financial news websites left this up for 3 months? Their viewers would leave… Their viewers tend to be extremely cynical, and rightfully so because money is on the line.

Here is the real consensus price target; its $219. Alibaba is one of the biggest companies in the world with 1000’s of analysts pouring over every detail of its books. If it went up 800%, the market cap would be $3.8 trillion, 3x that of Apple, the first trillion dollar company in history. This is outrageous..

Yeah that seems a little more reasonable. If there was ever a more blatant example of CNN being fake news, it would be this. Can you believe that youtube forces their videos and articles to the top of the feed? They just posted an explicitly fake buy rating about one of the biggest companies in the world. Just imagine what they would do with full fledged censorship?

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