Sunday Watchlist

$CUR just effectuated a 1/20 reverse split. Prior price action has been unspectacular, but they lowered the float to about 1 million shares, which has been a sweet spot in the past for small caps. Company is not that great though

$CNAB. Have not done enough research on this stock yet. Just noticed this story a few days ago, after having seen it around for years. Seems like a big development, will have to look into it further though. Biggest thing to look out for is convertible notes, s-3’s, debt, cash burn.

Our pick $CTRM is still open from the beginning of last week. The longer it holds that consolidation trend, the more chance it will spike.

Watching for SNAP’s earnings

Many companies will be reporting earnings this week, and we could possibly begin seeing the effects of this slowed growth that analysts have been projecting. Dominos didn’t do very good, and neither did Netflix. This week will be important.

Stay tuned for updates!

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