WKHS Is Currently Trading 400x Sales.

If you include the warrants, there is about 75 million shares in circulation right now, and if you multiply that by the current share price of, which at the time of writing, is $4.00, you get a multiple of $300 million. This is outrageous!! They only generated 700k in sales last year!!

Their balance sheet is even worse….

31 million in debt, with only 13 million in assets, and even when they did produce revenue, they lost money!

They even tell you that they face fierce competition from Amazon, Google, Freightliner, and Ford

And they don’t offer financing!!! How are they supposed to compete!!!! This an outrage!

In regards to the future dilution, they even spell it out for you!

65 million shares

Plus 9 million

The Stated Value of the Preferred Shares is $20.00 per unit, and the annual interest payment, which is to be paid out in quarterly installments, is 8%. 
That translates into $2,000,000 worth of shares per year. In regards to the warrants, if we multiply 7.41 by 1 250 000, we get 9,262,500 common shares.

Equals 75 million shares! Multiply that by 4, and you get 300 000 000! For this POS…Now take 300 000 000 and divide it by 700 000, and you get 428. You see people, this isn’t hard to understand. What is even more outrageous is the fact that people have accused us of spreading lies. How can we be spreading lies when everything we have said is backed up by official SEC filings? You have to ask yourself that question.

There is a reason why Arosa sold for under 1 dollar only 2 months ago, and why nobody wanted it until it was Pumped by Trump on twitter. If you still think this company can buy the Lordstown Complex, then you have been hypnotized by the stock market, like many others have before.


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