GNCA Due Diligence

‘S-3/A’ on 4/30/19

Selling Stockholders ‘S-3/A’ on 4/30/19

Exercise price of each Warrant is $0.5656; exercise price of each Pre-Funded Warrants is $0.5026

May.08, Exercise or conversion of derivative security

SEC approves S-3, May.13, 4:00pm

‘424B3’ on 5/14/19

May.21, effective at 12:01 a.m., Eastern Time, on May 22, 2019 8-1 Reverse Split

About 12 million shares on a split adjusted basis

courtesy tradingview

That’s a lot of stock issued. Probably a trend.

Judging by the weekly volume, there is probably a few million shares left for sale from the S-3, but the selling stockholders only registered a small portion of their stake, which shows they have confidence in the company. I would be careful shorting this. Still an okay short, just probably better to lean more toward the patient side. If they had registered all their shares, then it would be a different story

***UPDATE***2pm. Currently $7.56…

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