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They lost 4 million in one quarter, and if you look at the statement below, it shows they only have 8 million in cash, so at this rate, they only have two more quarters before they run out of money

Which they state clearly below

Its much easier for them to raise money in the stock market then to go to a bank. We live in unusual times. In a normal world, a company would be hesitant to dilute their ownership. Nobody wants to share a business with somebody if they don’t have to, but because the market is so bullish, companies can literally just create stock out of thin air, then somehow find a way to sell it. In a normal market where interest rates are not at record lows, there wouldn’t be anybody to buy something like this. As you can see below, they are attempting to register 75 million worth of stock for future issuance

The chart is pretty self explanatory. Sure, you might be that lucky lotto winner who strikes 777’s and calls the bottom on this….Not the kind of odds you’d wanna stake your life savings on though, that’s for sure.

In the statement below, you can see in the last sentence that they relied heavily on selling shares to fund their operation over the past 12 months

Those 75 million dollars worth of shares are now registered as of May.23rd. Expect any uptick to be met with aggressive dilution.

Don’t even ask me this is supposed to be. Might have to call them or something..23 shares…??….lol…….Later everyone

************This is not financial advise. I am not a financial adviser, and the views expressed are purely my opinion. I do not hold any positions in the RWLK, nor do I intend to in the near future***********

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