Dow Hasn’t Posted This Many Losing Weeks Since 2011, CNBC

The Dow posted its 5th straight losing week following fears of an economic slow down due to Trump Tariffs (he can brand anything can’t he). It’s starting to look like this was always the plan, that China and the United States were never going to agree to anything the whole time, and all these headlines are just smoke and mirrors for a long term economic standoff that had probably been in the works for a long time.

Sure, if China had agreed to certain conditions, America might have let up on the tariffs, but it wouldn’t be surprising if western leaders always knew deep down that China was never going to do that. As always, we shall see, but from the looks of things, considering how long this saber rattling has gone on now, the trend seems to be clear: China is dead set on expanding its market share.

They plan long term, and they aren’t going to let America get in their way anymore, not this time. We have feared this moment for decades now, and it looks like the time has finally come. Asia is no longer going to be subordinate to the west. Little brother is all grown up now. Get ready folks, it’s gonna be a wild ride. They have 5G now, and we don’t. Once they begin letting their currency float in the open market, China’s endgame will have begun, and if you’ve been following tech innovation closely, this 5G, it’s just the beginning. Enjoy the weekend everybody and see you all on Monday.

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