The Papa From Papa John’s, That Friendly Face We All Know So Well, Sells 1/3 of His Holdings

Even Papa John isn’t immune to the hostile vitriol of the SJW’s. Apparently he uttered a racial slur during a conference call which was taken out of context, which is horrible and there should be a backlash, but something about this just feels a little excessive, just a little. He wasn’t even intending to be racist, he just said the “N” word — that’s it.

It’s amazing though. All those years of seeing Papa John on TV everyday with that fatherly look, that smile that always seemed to carry just the right amount of humility. At the end of every commercial he would give his own personal testimony about the quality of his pizza, and you always got the feeling that he made all the pizza himself, like that Lebanese guy who owns the pizza place downtown. 

I bet the SJW’s are having a parade right now over this though. Who’s next? Warren Buffet!? Are the SJW’s going to go after some old girlfriend he had during the Great Depression!? If they can go after Papa John, they can go after anybody. Wait, who are they going to use for commercials now???? 😂😂😂😂 This is insane!